Character Background Generation

Character Backgrounds and Adventuring Party

We will be utilizing a edited version of the Fate system for creating a character’s history. This will explain how the party met and how each character achieved their first mythic level. Also you will belong to the same adventure company. The details of this company will be developed in a similar way. All this will take place during our first session. How the system will work is detailed below.

Character Background

For the first session each player will be required to have the following information ready for their character.

  1. High Concept: what is your character? Are you the flamboyant mage or the tree-hugging druid? Maybe you’re the fallen noble adventurer or the farm-boy turned hero. Just have a quick phrase that defines what the idea behind your character is
  2. Quirk: Every character has something that makes them interesting. Do you love shinny things or only speak in the third person. Maybe you just love talking peoples ears off or you spend hours petting a kiwi before you eat it. Just have something that makes your character unique. If you took a drawback that might well be used here as well.
  3. Your Epic Story: Come up with something that character did that he is known for. Did he defend a town almost single handedly from a goblin invasion? Steal a giant gem from a dragon’s horde? Throw a ring of invisibility into a volcano and cause a giant earthquake? Whatever it is, come up with a brief (no more than a paragraph) outline of your most epic adventure. This is should be light on details since the other players will be adding and expanding on your adventure during our character creation event.

When we all meet for our first session you will each introduce your character. Then you will share your story with a random partner from the group. That person will somehow add his character into your story. Telling how they met or accomplished something together during your adventure. Everyone will then change partner and do this again. This way you know how you meet your adventuring comrades and have a history with the party before we even begin.

The Adventuring Company

Your characters will all belong to the same adventuring company. This company was chartered by the world renowned Sacked Druid Adventurer Chartering Agency and as such they must have collaboratively formed the charter they function under. Your characters then will have to decide on the following issues:

  1. Name: Every good group of adventures has a name for themselves.
  2. High Concept: Like your individual characters, what is the driving purpose and function of your group.
  3. Decision Making Process: How does the group make decisions? Is it by vote or do you have a leader that makes all the decisions about what jobs you take? Maybe you just roll the dice and let Tymora decide for you.
  4. Loot Disbursement: How is loot divided? What about magical items? Is there a party reserve for supplies and resurrection costs?
  5. Membership Requirements: What are the rules that members must follow? No stealing from other members. Always help a member in trouble. Never leave a member behind. Any or all of these might be what you expect from the group.
  6. New Member Requirements: How do new members get added to the group?
  7. Death/Termination: What happens if a group member dies or leaves the group?
  8. Quirks: Does once a week a group do the hooky-pokey together as a bonding exercise? Come up with a quirk or two for your group to role-play.

Character Background Generation

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