House Rules

The following are a list of house rules that will be utilized during the campaign.

Character Advancement

  • Ability Score Bonuses: At each point where a character would normally receive an ability bonus due to gaining a level (4th, 8th, etc.) the character will instead gain +1 to one physical ability score (Str, Dex or Con) and +1 to a mental ability score (Int, Wis or Cha) of your choice.
  • Perception Skill: The perception skill is undoubtedly the most used and most useful skill in the game. Due its ubiquity I have decided to just give each character 1 rank automatically in perception each level. This does not count against the ranks your normally receive on advancing a level. However, you still may not have more ranks in the skill than you have levels and this does not grant you perception as a class skill.


Characters that cast healing spells may choose to enter a deep trance when casting their spell to ensure the spell grants the maximum effect. Casting a spell this way takes 30 seconds instead of the usual standard action and the character is considered helpless while casting. This ability is intended to make healing more useful outside of combat situations so that the party can take brief breaks when available and continue on with their adventure instead of having to retire completely and rest.


Not truly a house rule but the Downtime Rules presented in the Ultimate Campaign book will be available for players to use when appropriate.

Scaling Feats

These are feat chains like Two-Weapon Fighting, improved, and greater. Scaling versions instead of requiring three feats, instead cost one and improve as the character gains level instead. It is a power boost in general, but I like the concept, often having disliked the feat intensive nature of many of the feat chains. Non combat feat chains may be allowed on a case by case basis.

I am going implement this as an option, with the limit of 1 scaling feat per 10 levels, so 2 max. This would open some things up for players, allowing them to have more options, while limiting the power gain.

Oracle Spells

Oracles use their Charisma in place of Wisdom for divine spells that were published by Paizo before the Oracle class was released.

House Rules

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