Sacked Druid Adventurer Chartering Agency

World renowned today as an invaluable resource for any adventuring crew, the Sacked Druid Adventurer Chartering Agency was developed out of a fortunate coincidence rather than any particular forethought of its founders. Still, branches of the agency now exist in most major cities producing legally binding documents that the courts of arbitration all over Faerun recognize.

Purpose and Process

The S.D.A.C.A. (commonly pronounced ‘sadaka’) concerns itself with providing adventures with all the legal documentation they may require. Primarily they arbitrate and record adventuring companies self-determined charters. Once the administrative fee has been collected and all the various points have been agreed upon the company is given a copy of the charter (with each individual able to pay a small fee to receive a personal copy) and another copy is kept on file by the office that drafted it. Finally a third copy is sent to the agency’s central archives in Silverymoon so that no matter what happens there will always be a record of the agreement. (And more importantly a record that hasn’t been tampered with by an enterprising rogue.)

Beyond charters the agency also will draft wills, power of attorneys, apprenticeship and indenturship agreements, and any other legal documents an adventure may need. All this comes at a slightly more expensive fee then would probably be charged by a normal scribe or lawyer but the S.D.A.C.A. are experts in dealing with the special cases of adventures and as such most are willing to pay the higher prices for documents they are confident will better serve than the generic alternatives.


The Sacked Druid Adventurer Chartering Agency came about primarily as a happy coincidence but was grown due to a sharp business sense. In 1372 a group of intrepid adventures in the Silver Marches found themselves with a great deal of treasure on their hands. After outfitting themselves for their next adventure they discovered that they still had a great deal of wealth and, instead of just investing in easily transportable gems like most people, they decided to instead set up a permanent base of operations. The group then bought a plot of land in Silverymoon and had an Inn built that specifically catered to adventures. The group decided to name the inn in memory of an unfortunate comrade who perished under the dire mace of a skeletal knight; and whose body was then recovered and remained in a bag of holding for several weeks, until the group was able to (and remembered to) grant it a proper burial. The Sacked Druid Adventures as they were now called, left on their next adventure while the Inn was still being built.

By the time it was finished and the adventures returned they found themselves again with a great deal of liquid assets. It was then that one of the company, Grael Amaun, a (at the time heretical) priest of Amaunator, decided to build a temple to his dead god. He built the temple just next to the Inn that they had recently finished and set about converting various people to his forgotten faith. Amaunator’s Church being particularly interested in law and legal documentation attracted a small congregation rich in lawyers. Since often after services the congregation would meet for half priced drinks at Grael’s and his Fellow’s in (a major recruitment tactic for the church) these lawyers often found themselves among adventures with lots of gold but little legal knowledge. This of course was a match made in Nirvana and soon many of the faithful were finding work among the young adventures of the Inn.

Grael, ever the great entrepreneur, realized he was sitting on a gold mine that could fund his work and he wouldn’t have to get his armor dirty doing it. He then hired a retinue of lawyers from his flock and started the S.D.A.C.A. which quickly grew. However, in 1387 after a rather heated discussion (i.e. involving fireballs) both with the authorities of Silverymoon and the newly reconstructed church of Amaunitor, Grael decided that he might take some time to travel away from the Silver Marches. Leaving his temple and company in capable hands he went to Waterdeep where he founded a second and even more successful branch of the agency. From there Grael and his faithful associates set about founding branches in all the major places where adventures of Faerun congregate from Athkatla to Shadowdale to Citadel Dantalien and elsewhere.

Sacked Druid Adventurer Chartering Agency

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