The Blade and Stars


The Blade and Stars Inn

Volo’s Guide



Named after its enchanted sign board, supposedly looted from some village in Amn during a past trade war. It is an average establishment in most ways, it offers a secure and quiet location for those looking for such in the gate. Meals are served in rooms, and no public dining or drinking area is available, for such things you’ll need to seek out a bar or tavern. However, there is a small lounge for meeting guests. On cold days the inn offers Ruby Cordial to guests, a sweet syrupy drink formed from sweetened red wine and crushed cherries.

In terms of security the Blade and Stars has better offerings than most. Guards keep street thieves out, and they have a history in being trained to spot dopplegangers. A considerable comfort to the weary traveler.

Overall a reliable if unremarkable inn, good for those seeking peace and quiet.

The Blade and Stars

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