The Outsiders' Charter

Company Name: The Outsiders
Company Purpose: Guardians of Order


  1. Leave No Beggar Unanswered
  2. Never Break a Contract
  3. No Soul is Beyond Redemption
  4. (Voren’s Belief)

Organization and Decision Making

Senior Members will govern the company. Should the members disagree about a decision regarding the company they shall cast lots to determine whose decision shall stand. General members of the company will be accepted by the decree of the Senior Members and will subject to all decisions made by them. General members may leave the company at any time subject to the terms of termination as defined at the time of their acceptance. All charter member are Senior Members.

Rules of Conduct

All members are subject to these rules to stay in good standing. Any member who falls out of good standing loses all authority and rights of membership until such time as they fulfill any acts of reparation deemed appropriate by the Senior Members in good standing.

  1. No theft from the company or company members.
  2. No physical attacks on company members.
  3. No use of non-consensual controlling enchantments or the like on company members.
  4. Senior Members may leave the company at any time. Departing members are entitled to retention of their personally owned assets but any stake in a company owned asset will revert to the company.

Company Obligations and Compensation

  1. The company shall provide any magical item acquired to the member who can best utilize it. If there are multiple members who could equally utilize the item or dissension on who could use it best then the decision shall be made via the usual decision making process of the Senior Members. Magical Items not usable or desired by any member of the company for use shall be sold and treated as a monetary acquisition.
  2. Monetary acquisitions of the company shall be split into equal shares between the Senior Members plus one. The additional sum will be set aside to pay for group expenses. Regular members will be compensated via the terms decided at the time of the joining the company.
  3. The company is responsible for taking all reasonable measures to return a member killed in service to the company to life.
  4. Should the company be unable to raise a deceased member, reasonable measure will be take to grant the member a proper burial and grant all items personally owned by the member shall his/her next of kin.

Instatement of New Senior Members

Once an individual with equal renowned to the Senior Members of the company has been approved by the consensus of the Senior Members the following requirements must be met for that individual to be considered a Senior Member:

  1. Must participate in the secret ceremony.
  2. Must provide a scroll of Mark of Justice and willingly accept it placed upon them with the terms “Intentionally betrayal the interests of the party (The Outsiders) directly or indirectly.”

Furthermore, new members are not entitled to shares in any company investment or joint venture previously acquired.


The above charter has been overseen by Cassady Inkblot on the 17th day of Marpenoth year 1478 of Dale Reckoning. It has been ratified by the four undersigned charter members of the company and will remain on record at the Baldur’s Gate branch of the Sacked Druid Adventuring Chartering Company as well as the agency headquarters. This charter shall be made public to any who enquirer about it.

Aedan Szontonyi
Hope Amaun

The Outsiders' Charter

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